Painted Vail Face and Body Art

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1: What type of face paint do you use?
Actually a professional face painter does not use real paint! It is actually a water based makeup approved by the FDA safe enough to put on skin. I use only professional paints that are water soluble, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Same goes for the glitter, all glitter used is made specifically for face painting and is safe to be used around the eyes. Always be aware of the type of paint your face painter is using, other paints such as ACRYLICS ARE NOT SAFE TO PUT ON SKIN!!!
#2: How do I remove face paint?
The nice thing about face paint is it is extremely easy to remove!! Lightly wash your face with a small amount of baby wash, don't scrub as it will irritate the skin. Some paint colors leave a slight residue of color, if this happens just apply a moisturizer or baby oil to the face, leave on for a few min. and wash your face again. And there ya go!!!
#3: What about spreading germs?
I will refuse to paint any person who is sick, has a runny nose, swollen eyes, severe acne, a rash, open sores or cuts!!! But don't worry, I can paints your arms and hands. I want everyone to be able to get in on the fun!!
A fresh clean sponge is used for each person, and brushed and paints are sterilized regularly!
Baby wipes and hand sanitizer are used often to help keep things sterile.
#4: How old do you have to be to get face painted?
I do not recommend face painting children three and under unless you think your child can handle it. The brush on the face can be kind of scary for kids. But i do offer a variety of stencils perfect for their little hands, add a little glitter and they are amazed!!
#5: Will you perform for free for charity?
Due to the expenses involved in my services, I can not perform for free.
But..... I can offer a discounted rate to cover just my costs and donate my time!!
#6: What happens if I have to cancel/reschedule my appointment?
Please contact me within 2 days of the event!!
#7: What if I have a large party, do you give a discount after so many hrs.?
Sure, we can work it out!!
#8: Do you do theme party's?
I love theme party's, they are so much fun! Just let me know your theme when you book the party! The kids will have a blast!
#9: What forms of payment do you take?
Cash is my preferred method of payment, however I do accept checks as well.
Credit card payments can be made online through paypal BEFORE the date of the event.